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Migrating old posts to new FlightLog

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New Clear Structure

After starting with a "New Clear Structure"[a] I missed some of the posts I did when "trying this at home (tm)". So here the are for your enjoyment and wonder:

2020-10-14 New technology --- Keep it simple, stupid!

2020-10-17 Another File

I have made one half-hearted attempt to publish small stuff, because I literally live on others generously giving their knowlege away. Thanks to all of you! However, I am html/css/javascript et al. illiterate to an unbelievable extent. What's worse, I'm not even interested. Plain ascii [b] rules my little world. Yes, I still read man pages locally on the machine rather than via google :) There are countless solutions to blogging even in this small space. So I tried a little emacs/org-mode/ox-publish workflow. The second entry already was a "Howto add a Blog Entry" to my future self. I never got the hang of it. With gemini this part is so simple that I don't even have to look up the magic spells (markdown, I'm looking at you!). See here for this attempt (it might disappear at some point):


The new Shores of Smolnet

Trying this with pictures. Now the obvious shortcoming --- no flowed text around embedded images --- turns into a strength almost immediately, imho. I can point to them with links, and whoever wants to see them, will find ways to do so. Elpher uses emacs' ability to show images as well. It is up to me to reduce them in size, or offer small and large versions. It is up to the reader to follow links if she sees fit.

2020-11-04 Leaking Cistern -- Fixed?

2020-11-07 Leaking Roof -- Fixed?

Other intersting reads:

2020-11-19 Tech savvy --- a privilege

2020-12-05 More opinions on the broken web

[a] after Ruud Wiener "New Clear Age", performed by Schweizer Schlagzeug Ensemble and Matthias Ziegler (1992)

[b] plain ascii today means utf-8, because I do use a number of funny characters like äöüïéèßæ° and the like.


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