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Tech savvy --- a privilege

tags: tech mind

Recently I had a conversation with two guys I went to school with. One of the interesting bits of this chat was about how we "technical minds" tend not to see (let alone value), how that is a privilege. This opinion was brought up by the partner of one of us. Needless to say that "we" are all science/engineering folks, without narrow limitations in math, physics, technology and nowadays computers.

Today I came across this very nice blog entry by Ana Rodrigues:


And yes, I can see some of her points. How is someone not "tech savvy" expected to operate a smart phone or computer in a way that I, the tech savvy, would approve? Seriously? This nice person most probably does not stand a slight chance. And to a tiny extent it is me as well, who creates these things, which are unusable by the non-tech-savvies.

I occasionally teach other people how to use a computer with a Linux operating system. And I have to admit that my patience has limits. More so as I grow older and increasingly grumpy :)


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