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New technology --- Keep it simple, stupid!

tags: smolnet lowtech

I have recently read more about how the internet is broken nowadays. So apparently I'm not alone with this. For me probably 99% of the data transfered to my web browser from say www.tagesschau.de is irrelevant. Brett Gilio has written this up more nicely.


Drew Devault (of sourcehut fame) is right along the same lines.



However, his posts sparked my interest in the gemini protocol, which is somewhere between gopher:// and html-1. So I decided to try this at home. Here we are. It's not clear how this really goes /online/, but that is left as an excercise for later.

This technology fits nicely with Kris de Deckers attempt to build a low tech website.


In my not so humble opinion it is high time to reduce IT complexity by orders of magnitude. It would even offer the chance to substantially lower the ever raising demand of electricity. Maybe along the lines of

no artificial intelligence attempts

no /clouds/ but local and federated things

no /always online/ culture

If you like, read a (paper) copy of John Brunners novel "The Shockwave Rider" for inspiration.


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