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Still Alive

Hello again, wonderful people who exist in my imagination.

Much as the true hero of the game Portal would attest, I'm still alive.

Been working hard at the day-job. Not that I've got much of anything to do at

the day-job, but I've been working at hard at trying to have more to do. I'm

not one of life's natural showy people, and between that and the whole global

pandemic that's killing people, every day is a harder and harder struggle.

I've also been thoroughly enjoying my Computer School Work. I have two modules

this semester, one on Computer Architecture, the other on learning Java, the

biggie of the two.

The first is, well, kinda shite if I'm brutally honest. The field is so wide,

the lecturer so vague at times, yet asking ludicrously difficult questions

about persnickety details in exams. Happily, we've now moved onto Linux, and

will soon be embarking on learning vim...

Wonder if they'll allow me to bring my extensive vimrc with me?

Learning Java, on the other hand, that's where the meat of the course lies. I

have some small amount of experience in programming, albeit primarily using

either Python or PHP. What I have no experience of, in fact, what I have

previously had was a crippling fear of statically typed languages.

With the help of my tutor, and with a little faith in my own ability, I've

managed to overcome that fear, and am seriously enjoying the experience of

learning something which was previously locked away from me. Turns out I have

an aptitude for this stuff - Who Knew?!?

ts all meant I don't have as much time to be on the smol web as I might have

liked, but, as a correspondent reassured me, that's all part of what makes it

special. Its always here for me when I'm ready.

Much love.

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