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A Second Coming, or Something

So, having bailed on my original blog, then failing to update my gopherhole in

many months, creating a new blog, and immediately being seized with anxiety

regarding the use of *that*, I come here, abashed, afraid, anxious.

I am presently awaiting a meeting with an appropriate medical person to

(hopefully) assist with the underlying reasons for all of this, but in the

interim my kinder medical person has advised me to just write. If I do enjoy

the writing, as I keep insisting I do, then continuing to do it should become

a habitual errand, and not an insurmountable obstacle. So this is where I am,

and now you know as much as I.

I've chosen to put this all on a gemlog, not for any desire to be among the

in-crowd at the hipster café, but because I like the textual freedom it

provides. If I can keep at this, then perhaps some day this will all find its

way to ports 70 and 80, but not just yet.

I haven't been completely without productivity in my absenteeism, but those

things I have done would all require my further engagement with the wider

world to make them accomplishments.

I rewrote my essay on the collision of individual rights with the rights of

the commons expanded it and gave it an entire page of its own.

The Original Sin of Free Software

I also rewrite a short essay I'd put in Gopherspace about the indieweb

movement, and opened it up to the wider world. It received some interesting

feedback, and not a little pushback.

Praxis and the Indieweb

Finally, I spent some time working on a new software licence, one which

comports to the ideas set out in "Original Sin". I wrote it, made a page for

it, reached out to a few people in the field... and promptly lost my nerve and

have been hiding from them all ever since. I'd love it if more people could

read it and let me know what they think.

The Keypunch Public Licence

Okay, so that's enough for now, I think, I would hope to write further about

the KPL here, if you'll all allow me. If its something you might be interested

in, please reach out and let me know.

and breathe

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