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Replies to Christine's September 2020 Questions

These responses are to the questions posed. I'll try to be brief.


1. When was the last time that you laughed out loud? What made you laugh?

About a week ago, watching an episode of Schitt's Creek. The one which starts

with Alexis and the Jazzagals at a Gym which is actually a cult, and proceeds

to David and Moira getting blasted on terrible tasting fruit wine. It really

showcases the acting chops of every one of the actors involved and is just

deliriously funny.

2. Do you like re-makings/re-imaginings of films and TV series?

No. These all suffer from a catastrophic failure of the imagination. Just

because someone once liked a thing they saw, they think that this entitles

them to repackage the experience - but they are always bringing their own

sensibilities to the new version. To circle back to Q1, a poor writer would

think that the humour lay in the hidden cult, or in the slapstick of the

drunken pair, and not in the facial expressions, the effective portrayal of

mounting terror, the ability to realise that life is the way it is because of

the choices we have made. That's why that episode is funny *to me*. A remake

would not hit the same notes.

3. You are assigned to write two or three fortunes to be put into fortune

cookies. What will they be?

"Help, help, I'm being oppressed"

"Did you really think we make these in sterile conditions?"

4. If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or have someone to

cheer you up?

I am often in a bad mood, so I have lots of experience in this field. The

honest answer is that it depends on the circumstance. If I'm having a panic

attack, then I need to be alone first, and supported later. If I'm depressed,

then fuck all the way off and keep on fucking off forever. That doesn't always

help, though, so its probably best that I have the support I need.

5. What would have been your dream subject at school, or your dream syllabus


Maths. Most especially, complex numbers and number theory. I'm crap at sums, I

simply can't do them. Working out interest rates, or repayment schedules?

Forget it. The triangle inequality expression for z1 and z2? Heaven.

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