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July Five Questions Answered

I've decided to answer Christina's 5 monthly questions this month. Their capsule can be found here:

Christina's gemini capsule

1. Five items you are most likely to buy at a convenience store.

Recently, I've been drinking as much Arizona Green Tea as I can get my hands on, so that has to be number one for me. Number two would probably be classic Monster Energy, not because I think it tastes good, I honestly hate how it tastes, but because it makes my brain feel real good. Number three has got to be Chapstick, because I've been using it for so long my lips will instantly dry up if I stop. With number four, we see the first appearance of an actual snack with Cheez-its, which honestly at the moment I'm pretty tired of, but they are a classic for me. And then number five, which are Chewy Sweetarts, formerly known as Shockers. As I get older I am finding myself liking candy less and less, but the pure value you get with these is hard to beat. Plus, they are the kind of sour that will actually damage your tongue for the next few days if you aren't careful, which I love.

2. Tell me about the last book you read. If you read more than one book a week, tell me about either the one that turned out to be terrible or useless, or the one you'd recommend.

The last book I read in full was The Death of Ivan Ilyich, which I read for a class about alienation and authenticity. I had a lot of thoughts about it when I read it that I honestly can no longer remember, as this was a few months ago. The last book that I read any of, though, is Anti-Oedipus, which I am reading with a friend and which I am unsure if I will ever manage to finish. I've been trying to take notes while reading so I can actually remember what to talk about come discussion time, but I find it hard to keep in my reading flow with notes.

3. Do you have a favourite postage stamp?

I had no knowledge of postage stamps prior to this question, so I googled the best postage stamps, in an effort to find a good one. I found some cool David Bowie ones released by the Royal Mail in tribute to good 'ol Major Tom. I' a fan of these just by virtue of relation to Bowie, but I find the designs a little underwhelming. Interestingly, they picked Let's Dance and Earthling as stamp designs, which are not at all among Bowie's best covers. Low and Scary Monsters definitely would have been better choices, as they are both more iconic designs which would scale down well. Recently, I've also seen a stamp design around that has an American flag and says "US Forever" on it, but the "Forever" is crossed out, which I really like. Don't know what they were going for with that, but it looks like they hate America, which is nice.

4. What is your current favourite hobby?

This summer has been kinda weird for me; it's been hard to find motivation to do much until very recently, when I found gemini. Finding gemini has led me to learn a lot more about how Unix works, just through setting up a server and so on, so that has been really fun! I think I'm going to try to put together some project using CGI scripts soon, I just need to come up with an idea. I don't know what to call all that, but that's been my hobby recently.

5. Who was the most famous person you shook hands with?

When I used to go to church as a child, there was a man who worked there that my parents were friends with. He was very friendly, so I'd talk to him whenever I saw him, and definitely shook his hand at some point. He wasn't famous, but I would later learn (long after I no longer went to church) that he was brother to Bernie Taupin, best known for writing songs with Elton John (as well as for writing the scourge upon this earth that is We Built This City). This relatively minor relationship does put me in a very good place when it comes to degrees of separation from pretty much any celebrity.

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