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President Xi, Send The Nukes!

Welcome to my newsletter about living in the US during the end times – or less dramatically, during the confluence of the 2020 Presidential Election and the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. My goal is to update every weekday until either life returns to some semblance of normal, or I get tired of it, or I'm incapacitated by my lungs filling with fluid and I can't type from the respirator. It'll be late some days, maybe even the next day.

The motivation for this was a confluence of several things.

I started getting over-invested in the Democratic primary, which led to me using web-based normie social media like Twitter and Reddit to keep up with the news and memes.

That led to me getting a terminal case of brain worms and forgetting my resolution to do most of my reading on my e-reader and Slow Internet media like phlogs.

And I was writing less, working on side projects less, and just spinning my wheels keeping up with the news.

And then Solderpunk put out a standards freeze on Gemini and called for people to actually use it to publish stuff†

So I'm trying to use this as all as an excuse to do some writing and actually make something out of the garbage I'm pumping into my head every day. This is a Gemini exclusive, not to be found on my web or gopher sites! To leave a comment, email me at jmcbray+sendthenukes@carcosa.net.

†Solderpunk's post on mailing list archive

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2021-03-29 Outrage Posting!

2021-02-26 Fresh Slop!

2020-11-03 What Is To Be Done Now?

2020-06-03 Black Lives Matter

2020-05-21 We Live In A Cyberpunk Dystopia

2020-04-08 Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

2020-03-24 Comrade Britney

2020-03-17 I Aten't Dead

2020-03-16 Total Jokerfication

2020-03-12 The Story So Far

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