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A couple of notes on headphones

[2021-05-20 Thu 12:55]

I went through my org-roam daily page to pull something to post in my commonplace book, but then realized I had two entries on a related topic, one of which was a reply to someone else. I decided to post them as a proper entry, because I don’t like having replies in my commonplace book, given that URLs for the current month’s entries aren't guaranteed to be stable…

Headphones paradox

Wired headphones connected to a laptop feel more cyberpunk than Bluetooth, despite being lower tech. Because of the retro feel? Because of the idea of “jacking in”?

Koss KSC75 Clip on Headphones

Supposedly intro-audiophile oriented, and very cheap ($20). I heard about them from ~bagel at breadpunk.club, who says they can no longer recommend them, because they've had cable failures leading to sound loss on one side on two pairs after less than six months each. But I have to say, they’re still kind of compelling at that low price; I've definitely had worse sport headphones at the same price broken by my children. I'm almost tempted to try them out.

I don’t *need* them, though. I have good-enough sport headphones for running, and good-enough noise-canceling over-ear phones for work.

==> gemini://breadpunk.club/~bagel/koss_ksc75.gmi ~bagel’s updated review.

Koss KSC75 Clip On Headphones

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