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Strategy for writing drafts in a Gemlog?

This is not going to be a big substantive post, but I wanted to put it here, rather than in my Commonplace Book, so that there would be a permalink for it. I've made the mistake recently of responding to people's posts there, and I realize later that the backlinks will suck, and actually be lost in a month when I archive old entries. Oops.

Commonplace Book

So, I have a question for other people who have gemlogs. How do you handle drafts?

On my weblog, which is basically un-updated since my move to Gemini, I use Hugo, a static site generator, to handle consistent styles and shared elements across pages, as well as to provide navigation. With the lack of styling in Gemini, I haven't felt the need to use one. But one other thing Hugo provides is drafts: mark something as a draft in its front-matter, and it won't be published. I don't have that build step in Gemini.

My first thought is to keep my gemlog under version control (which it already was, just like my blog), and use branches for drafts. I initially tried using a single "draft" branch, but then I got commits entangled between multiple in-the-air drafts. Now I'm trying one branch named "drafts/article-name" per draft article, merge to main and delete when it's ready to publish. But I'm afraid I'm overthinking it.

What do you do?

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