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About me

Hi! I'm Cadence Ember (they/them).

If you want to get in touch or advertise yourself for my friends list, this is the place to be!

If you want to reply to one of my public posts, this is also the place to be! Send me a message (email preferred) with either the text of your reply directly, or a gemini:// link to your post.



Email: cadence@disroot.org

cloudrac3r@vivaldi.net is also me.

PGP info


Matrix: @cadence:cadence.moe (preferred)

XMPP: @c@a3.pm

IRC: nick "cadence" on hackint.org, libera.chat, and tilde.chat, though not always connected, so don't rely on IRC to reach me.

Discord: NEVER


Queer, gay, transgender, nonbinary, they/them.


People I admire are here.

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