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Cadence's gemlog

A stream of longer-form articles where I talk about what I've been doing.

Check back here every so often to find more.

2021-06-10 - Netrunner tournament

2021-05-22 - Hand pain and Workrave

2021-03-17 - Thoughts on Portal

2021-01-07 - How I do my backups

2020-12-17 - Future of Bibliogram

2020-12-15 - Aggregating feeds on Gemini

2020-11-16 - Federation and its consequences have been a disaster for the fediverse

2020-11-12 - osu!mania is a bad rhythm game

2020-11-10 - A post about Gemini on Gemini! Nobody saw that coming!

If you like, feel free to also read a selection of older posts that were originally published on my weblog, but are now also copied here.

2020-09-28 - My experience with the Workman keyboard layout

2020-06-13 - Icons suck

Or visit my weblog and see all old posts.


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